ICT experts seek use of geo-satellite equipment to tackle unemployment in Nigeria

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With an ever growing population, agriculture globally has to become more and more productive. This means continuing to adapt with the technological changes that a modern world brings. Satellites are changing the way we look at and manage agriculture. In the case of Nigeria, precision farming can be an option to avoid wastage of scarce resources and identify soil types, best location for mineral resources and arid lands.

Walter Mayer, an Austrian-based ICT Expert, said unemployment level in Nigeria would be cut by half if government embraced Geo-satellite equipment in agriculture business. This objective could be achieved because the deployment of Geo-satellite equipment in agriculture could create new ICT based jobs for large number of youths, adding that agriculture has the potential of turning in more revenue than oil and gas combined if properly harnessed.

Nigeria can achieve diversification of the economy by investing in affordable information technology. The use of ICT in the diversification efforts can encourage youths to take part in the critical sector, which can contribute more than oil and gas to the nation’s GDP.

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